Dedicated to building high-quality and affordable housing projects, partnering with housing associations through every phase of the development process.



CreweSpace a new approach

Crewespace is dedicated to building high quality social housing and affordable homes, creating developments that achieve the best possible outcome for both homebuyers and Housing Associations. CreweSpace provides a fresh approach, free from the constraints and inflexibility of large housebuilders, to provide the best possible solutions, even when faced with a challenging political and financial environment.

“We believe a safe, secure and affordable home, in a sustainable community, creates the foundation to transform lives”

Our Housing Association partner, Bromford

Working with Bromford’s design brief, we identify areas in which to do our own research; improving sustainability and ensuring changes in building regulations are included. This ensures that we keep the partnership at the vanguard of advances in housebuilding and design.

“Having established a partnership, Bromford & CreweSpace bring their respective strengths, maximising a site’s value”

Crewespace has brought a dynamic approach as housebuilder for Sanctuary.

Solving problems quickly and efficiently is a key facet to our service delivery. We overcome issues by thinking laterally, balancing additional costs of changes against the cost of prolongation. We work to optimise the outcome of the project - not just to overcome the isolated problem.

Using our communications and document portal, information is quickly shared among the project team, allowing members to quickly access information and review decisions. This encourages a collaborative and transparent operating environment, ensuring both Sanctuary and CreweSpace work to their best potential.

“We have added value throughout the process, working with Sanctuary to develop their new house types and to improve outcomes.”

HarperCrewe +

HarperCrewe is focused on designing, building and marketing mixed-use developments, with CreweSpace dedicated exclusively to Affordable and Build-to-Rent projects of a high quality. While each of our companies has their specific areas of expertise, both share the same approach; creating developments that reflect both the ambitions of the landowners and the aspirations of the people that live there.