We Listen.
We Design.
We Build.


We create spaces and environments, inside and out, that are interesting, well designed and work for people—from landowners to the purchasers of our spaces.

Drawing on 30 years of industry experience, we focus on designing, building and marketing sustainable developments, with flexibility in their design and tenure. Our fresh approach allows us to work with landowners, investors and communities in a way that large housebuilders can’t (and won’t).

Behind the scenes, our team has a wealth of industry experience in every phase of the land acquisition and construction process. This expertise ensures that we offer the very best combination to fit each individual project and client. We keep our partner’s objectives in mind at every stage, marrying the knowledge, experience and capability of a large house builder with the flexibility, creativity and shared vision of a tight-knit team. HarperCrewe and Crewespace exist to deliver innovative design, outstanding build quality, optimal returns and exciting spaces that people will enjoy living in - and that landowners will be proud of.




It’s all about community

Any development should be a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can live together and feel part of a community. Popular places to live generally evolve over many years, organically finding their feet and gaining character. When we create new places to develop a similar legacy, it requires all those involved to work in partnership - from inception to completion, and for the future ahead. By working with landowners to ensure that the community is well cared for into the future, we not only create spaces and buildings that contribute to their surroundings - we also aim to enrich and deepen the life of the community.

HC Sustainability

Be brave enough to have a conversation that matters.

We bring a committed approach to sustainability that touches every part of the development. By reducing energy use, reducing the use of natural resources, improving transport links and creating beautiful and usable green space, we can help nurture and contribute to our environment, rather than master it.

HC Design

Places that work beautifully for the long term

Informed by the surroundings and the adjoining communities, we are driven to design innovative, elegant buildings which show outstanding workmanship and close attention to detail. We allow internal spaces to evolve with changing technologies, keeping pace with the rigours of everyday life.


HC Stewardship


It’s not just about the buildings.

We focus on contributing to both the social lives and physical settings of communities we create. By providing exceptional public spaces and supporting the people that live there, we can inspire connectivity between places and foster natural social cohesion, enhancing the wellbeing of the community as a whole.